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Who's Your YTV Crush?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

We hope you're having a splendous time crushing on your fave crush or simply just spending some quality time with a special someone...even if that someone is a HEART SHAPED PIZZA!!! 

We're showcasing some of our most Crush Worthy YTV stars in celebration of Valentines Day and taking a closer look into our hearts to see what makes these YTV Crushes so loveable:

Abby Ackerman is a social butterfly and has tons friends and charm. Shred's older sis is sporty and loves going to the mall and we admire her for having such big heart!

Max is the best! Max has mad athletic skills and talent PLUS he's an upcoming celebrity who's absolutely full of charm. What's not to love about him?

We all remember the days of Adam Young longing after environment-loving, sweet, caring and adorable Echo. She loves Sci-Fi and hamsters...there's really so much to admire about Echo.

Jarvis became way more than just a regular kid after he became the owner of a toy factory! Jarvis is really funny and is able to take control of just about any situation...just about anyways. We all know who REALLY has a huge crush on Jarvis which leads us to our next entry.....

Piper's got brains, computer smarts, a sharp wit and an original fashion sense. We love seeing Piper hack her way around the factory even if it means she gets into some trouble from time to time. Who couldn't love Piper?!

FRESH FACE ALERT! We haven't seen a lot of Larry Stanley just yet but if having a twin-brother who is completly animated doesn't make him seem interesting how does being street smart, competitive and totally spontaneous sound?

Geneva is the receptionist at the KnickKnack Toy Factory and although being an air-head, Geneva does have a heart of gold and long golden locks to match!

Speaking of golden locks....this is a dare-devil who knows no bounds! Knox himself rounds out our list! Not super smart but he sure is handy and durable as the main toy-tester at the KnickKnack factory. Knox may not be able to help you with your homework but he'd gladly take you on a date to go skydiving!