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We're celebrating the best & quirkiest families on YTV!

Since it's Family Day for many provinces within Canada, I thought it would be fun to salute the funniest, weirdest and honestly, the best families on YTV - from the very weird, to the sane!

1. The Turners

The Turners are just your average family - minus the fairy godparents. Seemingly ordinary, we know both parents truly love their son. And while they may come across as slow and dim-witted at times, Mom and Dad (their true names are never really revealed) are always there for Timmy - most of the times.


2. The Stanley Family

You'll definitely be seeing a lot more of this family! Meet the Stanley family. from the new show, The Stanley Dynamic, airing on YTV this March! They may seem like an ordinary family...except for one thing: they have an animated child, who is the twin brother to Larry (the real-life brother). As you can guess, being a twin (I'm speaking from experience here,) is already fun enough. Add an animated family member, and it's safe to say that this family is definitely quirky. 


3. The Thundermans

They're a family of superheroes - and that's ANYTHING but normal! We salute this crime fighting, trying-to-seem-normal family! 


4. The Harper Family

Having quadruplets in the family is also anything but ordinary. Imagine the pranks, the fights, and the fact that 4 kids have to share a dog - now that's tough.