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We Look at The Lighter Side of the Dark Side

Some of the greatest villians of all-time have been introduced through the classic Star Wars films but now we ask these epic baddies to take a break, remove those intimidating helmets, hang up their capes and disarm those fancy lightsabres and sit back and have a good chuckle! Afterall, how else would one be able to realize that....

Grumpy Cat would make an amazing Evil Emperor...

Bossk is like...like a BOSSK!

Darth Vader could really lighten up


Boba Fett would inspire an amazing Ice Cream flavour!


Admit it, IG-88 kinda looks like an espresso machine!

Darth Maul really loves puns!

Who knew that the Royal Guards could be so cute!

And Jabba the Hutt really DOES looks like this salmon sandwich!