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These Fan Recreation Episodes are Insane!

During SpongeBob Week we had scoured all over to gather the best Sponge-y content that we could find to bring to you. Unfortunatley, there was just TOO much stuff to show off.

One really great thing we kept finding but were unable to post were these amazing Fan-Made, Stop-Motion renditions of classic SpongeBob episodes and clips. Check out this shot-for-shot recreation of a clip from the episode, Nasty Patty:

Now that is artistry! And we bet it was quite time-consuming as well!

Stop-Motion animation is one of the greatest and coolest, underrated art forms in film. Even with CGI and computer graphics, we still see stop-motion in movies today like with Box Trolls & Frakenweenie. The great Ray Harryhausen was the first guy to shoot using stop motion effects. Tim Burton even named the piano 'Harryhausen' in the movie, The Corpse Bride. He made some INCREDIBLE monsters like these guys:


.....there were no such things as 'Apps' back then and so filiming these beasts back then took FOREVER to pull off. It's so much easier to make Stop-Motion videos today. Whatcha waiting for?