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Surprising Facts About Toothless and Dragons!

Hey yo! How To Train Your Dragon is on YTV today at 12 noon for Big Fun Movies! To celebrate I wanna tell you some surprising facts about Toothless (and dragons) you might not have known!


1. Toothless' design was inspired by Stitch (Lilo & Stitch) and My Neighbour Totoro


2. Toothless can't breathe fire if he is wet!

Dragons need to be on dry land, or in a dry state, in order to start breathing fire!

3. Dragons actually exist in real life...

Komodo dragon (Indonesia)

Thorny Devil (Australia)

Smaug Giganteus (South Africa)

4. Toothless' movements are based on dogs, cats, and horses

Scratch scratch...

Lickity lick... what'cha lookin' at?

5. Real life lizards (dragons) usually eat insects... not humans!

If I had a pet dragon I could train... he probably wouldn't eat me! Whew!


Remember to catch How To Train Your Dragon today at 12 noon on YTV!