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Slime will never die! EVERYONE loves slime and secretly everyone wants to be slimed! Slime is a glorious and mysterious compound that has actually been around forever. Early incarnations of Slime could be seen creeping and sweeping in old classic Hollywood Sci-Fi movies such as The Blob which went on to inspire droves of drippy monster flicks for years to come....

Our fascination with the gooey stuff has never waned.....

So, how did slime continue to be so famous!?

We're sure that this classic scene from the iconic GHOSTBUSTERS movie helped to put slime into the hearts and minds of us all....who doesn't LOVE Slimer?

Ghostbusters even merchandised their own ectoplasm! Yep - over-the-counter slime!

Toxic superheroes became a lot more popular around this time too! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles weren't the only 'toons messing around with oozy goodness.  TONS of similar cartoon, comic books and toys were getting well steeped in slime!

Things really just snowballed slime-balled from there! Our culture became OBSESSED with slime! It was everywhere!  You could even buy your own Turtles Ooze:

Slime just wouldn't go away! Nickelodeon made their own slime called GAK! You could slime your friends and your siblings for next to nothing! The slime came is cool plastic containers like these:

However, don't be fooled - slime and toys already had their little bit of history. Check out this amazing He-Man Evil Horde Slime Pit! It was really tough to clean off the Moss-Man figure....

However, it's no doubt that Nickelodeon has always been a massive purveyor of all things slime. They've been sliming people on TV for a while. Slime Time was a show that ran from 2000-2003 and holds the Guinness Book of World Records for most people slimed (762, on the finale)

We can't forget that YTV once had a slimy show of their very own. Uh-Oh! was a spin-off of another variety show that appeared on the same network and the slime-fest would become the 3rd longest running show in YTV's history! Uh-Oh! was made famous by its hilarious host, Wink Yahoo and the masked Slimer 'The Punisher' who would dump epic amounts of slime onto contestants who answered trivia questions incorrectly. However, YTV didn't quite beat Nickelodeon to the punch when it came to creating slime based shows....but Nick wasn't really the first ones either....

Unsuspecting folks have been getting slimed on TV for a long time. The KCA's basically owe everything to the classic Canadian show, You Can't Do That on Television which started airing in 1981! After production ended, Nickelodeon played reruns that became wildly successful in the US. There is a deep Canadian connection to the Kids Choice Awards!

Just when you think slime has had its time, it always rears its gloopy head....

Nick made Slime Cereal!

Turtles Ooze or 'Mutagen' will get an update for toy shelves:

Heck! Even YTV relived their 'slime-in-a-bottle' moment with the more recent show, ZOINK'D! This great variety show totally tipped its hat to Uh-Oh!

There are still DIY 'science lab' toys to this day inspiring creative Slime creators around the world

Slime even plays its role in the popular Minecraft series!

...and the Kids Choice Awards only get bigger...and bigger....who will be slimed this year?? I hoping on Meryl Streep. Just sayin'!

Even EVANTUBE is on the slime train! How about trying to make some slime of your very own? This EVANTUBE vid can tell you how: