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On Set of Bella and The Bulldogs!

On Set of Bella and The Bulldogs!

Hold on to your helmets! We're taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the set of Nick's newest show, Bella and The Bulldogs!


1. Meet the Mascot

The Bulldogs mascot is a perfect reminder to show some school spirit! The set just wouldn't be complete without it.


2. Three's Company

Here you can see Brec Bassinger and her two onscreen (and off screen) besties. You can't keep these three apart!


3. Go Bulldogs!

The key to winning a football game is simple: Just make an awesome banner like this!


4. On Cue

Knowing your lines is super important. You can always catch these stars practicing their scenes to perfection!


5. Welcome!

You don't have to be a Bulldog to feel at home on this set.


6. Ready? Okay!

This way to the table read! Did you learn your lines?


7. The Perfect Match

This set doesn't have a strict dress code, but matching t-shirts are encouraged.


8. The Ultimate Fan

Speaking of t-shirts, Brec is always showing her support for her Bulldogs. Even with her fashion choices!

9. Lights, Camera, Action!

When the clapboard comes out, the cast know when it's time to put their game faces on.


10. Married To The News

We'd recognize that mustache anywhere. Ace McFumbles is always getting the scoop on the Bulldogs, even on set!


11. Enough Said

Sometimes things can get a little crazy on a set like this. Good thing the cast has this poster to remind them to stay cool!