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After bumping the airwaves for almost 3 decades, it’s no surprise YTV has broadcast a tonne of shows, some of which have fallen down the memory hole and need help to get out. This column will explore the good, the bad and the just plain weird – if it aired on YTV, you will find it here…


YEARS ACTIVE: 1988-1994

WHAT WAS IT ABOUT:  Home and Away was a very popular Australian soap opera for teens, focusing on the Fletcher family who move from the city into a small coastal town called Summer Bay. There, the Fletcher foster kids interact with the locals, and the usual soapy love stories and drama unfold against the lush beauty of Australia.


TRIVIA: Like any good soap opera, lots of now famous actors got their start here in small roles. Over the years such luminaries as Heath Ledger, Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Danii Minogue and Naomi Watts all passed through Summer Bay, but of course went onto much bigger things.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Several early episodes of Home & Away concerned a masked character terrorizing Summer Bay, and were considered so frightening YTV aired them late at night or not at all.

DOES IT HOLD UP?  YES. In fact, it is still on the air in Australia and the UK broadcasting its 27th season.