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Mad Cat's Fave iOS Games of 2015 So Far....

We're into the last week of June which means 2015 is just about half way over! WHOA! Where does the time go?? Well, for me - a lot of it goes to playing games on my Touch!

I've been playing some great iOS games this year and thought i'd share some of my faves of the year....so far!

Alto's Adventure 

Ok, so the game play is a carbon copy of the great Ski Safari amongst other iOS games before it  but one thing that can't be denied is that Alto's Adventure is a beautiful looking endless runner with its flat graphics, chill music and mysterious, escaped llamas. 

Duck Tales Remastered

We quacked out loud at the price tag for this iOS app reboot of an old NES game but this game looks and plays amazing! The levels are more or less the same as the original incarnation but the graphics get a major clean up here. Maybe Duck Tales Remastered will kick start a new trend where more old games will be remade (but hopefully at half the price.) I'm holding out for Mega Man 2....and 3...and 4.....

Rock On

There are some great Trivia and brain games on the market that have come and gone but Rock On is a special treat for people who absolutely love music of all genres! Rock On features fun, poppy graphics and is a great brain game where you have to identify songs by only hearing little snippets at a time. Each category has arcade and sudden death modes and you can even devote one band of your choice on some categories too. I'm just gonna say that i'm the master when it comes to Queen songs!

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

I'm not big on games with micro-gameplay which offer up a bland repetive replay value (Sorry, Crossy Road...) but Magic Touch proves that these quick play style games don't have to be so one dimensional. I love the concept of this simple game - you draw the shape that you see on the villains balloon using your finger on the device to pop the balloon and stop the bad guys. It's so genius, fun and hard! 

Drop Wizard

The App store is getting a little better with promoting more games and better games for that matter but it's a crime that i've never seen Drop Wizard promoted whatsover. Drop Wizard is an amazing pixel-art 2D puzzle platformer with great design and cool bosses. Most underated game of the year (so far) and my fave game of the year (so far.) It's almost perfection.

Games currently in my Wishlist (HEY, i'm not made of Store credits & Device storage!) 


Devious Dungeon 2

Pie in the Sky: A Pizza Odyssey

Tetrobot and Co. 

My Fave App Update so far...

If you know my blogs then you know I love me some GOBLIN SWORD! The new Lost City world is SO HARD!!! BUT AMAZING!

Happy app'ing everyone!