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Asami Is Awesome!

This gal is definitely an asset to Team Avatar thanks to her many skills. How many people can wear a helmet all day and still have hair like THAT?

1. Get Ready

You can't get a more determined dame! When Asami is behind the wheel, nothing can stand in her way.

2. And She's Off!

This lady is a great friend and is always ready to share the wealth. Free go-kart rides for all!


3. Shocking Decision

She's not afraid to stand up for what's right, even if it means going against her family members.


4. Packing Light

Asami is the kind of girl to only pack the bare essentials when going on a long trip. She just happens to have a lot of them.


5. Quick Thinker

This gal is quick to find a solution when her friends are in trouble, and always has something up her sleeve.


6. Joy Ride

Seriously, how many people in Republic City can look this cool just cruising down the streets?


7. Hop In

Any time Korra and the gang have somewhere to be, Asami is ready to go with the engine running.


8. Feelin' Green

Though she's not a prissy princess, Asami's sophisticated tastes won't let her stomach street gruel.


9. Look Into My Eyes

She's a savvy business lady too! It takes courage to have a staring contest with Varrick.


10. Face Palm

Not many people can put up with Bolin's crazy schemes like Asami can.


11. High Flyer

Did we mention she's also a skilled pilot? Yeah, there's no way this girl could get any awesome-r.